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Lip Filler – 10 of The Most Popular Questions Answered.

Getting Lip Filler

Lip filler is every where you look these days. Everyone seems to have the perfect pout. I want in on the action.

For me, lip fillers are something I have always wanted but never really pushed for. However, after giving birth to my son and breastfeeding him for 10 months, I decided that finally getting lip filler was going to be my treat to myself.

Unfortunately, my excitement was not shared with those I chose to mention it too. Almost everyone I spoke to about it had the same reaction ‘oh my god why would you want to mess with your face‘ or ‘no don’t do it, you don’t need them’. It was the same ‘freak out’ reaction from everybody. But I think that is largely due to lack of knowledge around the process and understanding of the product.

In this blog, I will answer some of the biggest questions I had prior to getting my own lips done. I will also be basing these answers solely on my own personal experience.

Photo of Missy T after Lip Filler Treatment Complete
So, I got in on the action & I am SO happy I did!

Before we get going, just a quick thank you to my wonderful friend, Ellie for coming with me as support and for snapping away with the camera. The majority of the photo’s in this blog were snapped by Ellie.

Why did I want lip filler?

For years, I have been unhappy with my smile. I always blamed my teeth as they are a bit wonky. However, when I started doing talking videos I noticed that my lips, particularly my top lip, was extremely asymmetrical. Once I saw it, I could no longer un-see it.

How did I choose where to get my lips done?

Deciding where to get your lips done is definitely not a decision you should take lightly. Your clinician will be inserting needles into your face at the end of the day.

For me, I needed someone that I trusted, that I was 100% comfortable with. Fortunately, I have a very good friend that runs an aesthetics clinic. LB Cosmetics. From her clinic, Leah performs a range of treatments including Botox , B12 injections, fat dissolving treatments as well as, obviously, lip fillers.

After seeing many examples of Leah’s work and being impressed, I sent her a message asking about 50 millions questions. Ok, slight exaggeration but there were a lot of questions! Every answer Leah gave satisfied me, she put me completely at ease and that’s why I decided to go with her. Added bonus that it is supporting a friend in her local business.

LB Cosmetics flower wall
Inside LB Cosmetics

What product did I have put in my lips?

You may be aware that there are a few different products available on the market. The most popular one most probably being Juvederm. Leah does offer Juvederm. However, I opted for Regenovue.

Whilst there is not a great deal of difference in all of the filler products available on the market today, it is useful to do your research as some are better suited to overall results than others. For example, if you want more full lips there may be a preferred product to use. Likewise if you are looking for more definition as oppose to plumpness there may be a preferred product to use.

Regenovue is the product I had injected into my lips.

What is Regenovue & why is it a good option for lip filler?

Regenovue is a Hyalauranic Acid (HA) based product. HA is something which our body naturally produces anyway. The added benefit with Regenovue is that it contains Lidocaine. Which is a numbing agent. Meaning that it assists with the pain management as you are undergoing the lip filler treatment.

What was the process like from start to finish?

Arriving at LB Cosmetics, the nerves were slowly starting to creep in. I’d watched so many YouTube videos and read so many blogs about getting lip fillers and there is one thing they all had in common – how much it hurt!

During the consultation process and whilst I was filling out a questionnaire about my medical history, Leah applied some numbing cream to lips. They started to tingle immediately and were numb mere moments later. A very weird, yet welcome, sensation.

I then lay back and closed my eyes for the duration. If I laid eyes on that needle I would have freaked out immediately. So, it really was better for everyone that I kept my eyes closed!

Leah went ahead and began the treatment. Injecting along the line of my lips and then the body of my lips to achieve a fuller more symmetrical result. After a few minutes, she sat me up so that she could assess her work. Then she went back in for a few finishing touches and hey presto, new lips!

consultation midway through the procedure
My resting bitch face out in full force as Leah is assessing her work

Did getting lip filler hurt?

If I said it was pain free, I’d be lying. Did it hurt anywhere near as much as I imagined though? Absolutely not.

Each time the needle pierced the skin (which is quite a number of times actually), it did make me flinch. However, it was for seconds. The pain was gone just as quick as it arrived. Leah also reassured me the whole time which made it a lot easier to cope with.

0.5 ml or 1 ml of Filler?

So, initially, I only had about 0.5 ml of filler injected into my lips. Though I had paid for a full 1 ml. This was with the intention that we did the treatment gradually as I didn’t want a trout pout.

Two weeks after my first sitting, once all the swelling had gone down I went back to LB Cosmetics for a review. There was still a touch of unevenness to my top lip and I felt that it could be just a tad bigger. Therefore, we decided to go ahead and inject the rest of the filler in the vial. Meaning, I had a total of 1 ml of filler injected.

During the process of getting lip filler
mid treatment

Did my lips hurt afterwards?

I wouldn’t say that my lips were particularly sore after the treatment. They did however, feel slightly foreign when making sounds which required and exaggerated movement of the lips such as ‘w’ sounds. This was literally for a matter of hours though. After that, they were completely fine and felt like my normal lips again. I was fully expecting big bruising and major swelling but fortunately, I seem to have escaped that, this time at least!

What was the aftercare?

It was actually really simple. No hot drinks until feeling returned to my lips as normal (presumably so I didn’t burn them). No smoking – which I don’t smoke anyway. Stay hydrated and keep them clean. Simple enough.

How long will the lip filler last?

As mentioned above, HA is a substance which is naturally produced within our bodies. As we age, the body begins to breakdown HA. However, they can easily be replaced with injectable HA. That being said, the body will continue to breakdown even the injected HA. Usually this will take around 6-12 months depending upon a number of factors. Don’t be alarmed though, it is highly likely you would only need your lips refilling every 12 months or so.

Before & After 1 ml of Lip Filler

Yes, I know this is the part you have all been waiting for really. Had to save the best until last though didn’t I!

Picture showing lips before filler and lips after filler
Before and After Lip Filler

If you are thinking about getting lip filler, I hope this blog has helped to answer a few of the questions you may have. However, please make sure you do plenty of in depth research and ensure you are 100% comfortable before going ahead. As always, if you have any further questions, please let me know in the comments and I will be happy to help if I can.

Me, My son & My new lips
Overall, I am super happy with my new pout and so glad I got fillers

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