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3 Ways to be Effortlessly Productive During Lockdown.

Missy and Jace being effortlessly productive in loungewear. Wet hair with no makeup on

Lockdown day… wait… what day is it again?

Welcome to another post of the daily dose series. Our very own lock down diary. Today we will be talking about a few ways to be effortlessly productive at a time when routine is out of the window and motivation is low.

Many of us are facing a lot of downtime right now. Downtime which was not planned for. So it will come as no surprise to find that many of us are at a complete loss with how to fill this time. If you look to Instagram for inspiration you’ll likely find that the world and its dog have resorted to baking banana bread.

You might be thinking about learning a second language or taking up knitting. But these all require effort and we all know how that tends to go when routine is out of the window.

Instead, I have come up with a few things that you can during this lockdown which are literally effortless and will leave you feeling as though you have done something productive with your time. Bonus, you can do all of these things whilst binging on Netflix!

3 Ways to be Effortlessly Productive During lockdown

1. No heat challenge.

Being on lockdown means staying home. I know it seems obvious but there are still plenty out there who haven’t quite got this message yet. Anyway, staying home means you don’t see anyone other than who you live with. So this is the perfect time to give your hair a bit of respite. Keep all heated appliances away from your hair. Let it dry naturally. Embrace your natural curls, frizz, waves or poker straight locks as they are. Especially whilst we are unable to get to the hairdressers, we need to be protecting our hair as best we can. Keep those split ends at bay!

2. Bare it all.

To quote one of my favorite artists, Meatloaf all dressed up with no place to go. What’s the point? Our skin takes a beating day in and day out. In normal everyday life, going makeup free isn’t always the easiest task. So, this is the perfect time to give our faces a break they will definitely thank us for. Even just going a week makeup free you should notice a difference in your skin. Obviously, keep on top of that skincare routine though!

3. Put the tweezers down

Perfectly groomed brows are the envy of almost every girl. In order to get those perfect brows though, we often need to start again. Years of doing it ourselves in a dodgy fashion has done us no favours. Take this time to let you brows grow out, the bigger and bushier the better. As soon as the lockdown is lifted book in for a brow appointment and let the professionals give you the perfect brows you know you deserve.

Well, there we have it. 3 ways to be effortlessly productive during lockdown. And, if all else fails, join the masses and bake a banana bread!

What have you been doing throughout this lockdown? Have you been doing anything productive? Taking the time to do things that the routine of ordinary life doesn’t always allow time for?

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