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An Evening With: Maison Dior

An Evening with Maison Dior hosted at Gino D’Acampo’s Pizza and Prossecco Bar in Manchester.

When you think of luxury candles, perfumes and home fragrances, chances are Jo Malone London is the first brand to spring to mind. However, Maison Dior are also masters of the same craft.

You’ve likely even seen the luxury candles of Maison Dior if you follow Dior Beauty Ambassador and blogger, Victoria McGrath of In The Frow, who had such candles sprinkled throughout her recent, absolutely stunning, Provence wedding. It also seems she has a perfume from the private collection as her chosen wedding fragrance.

It is this private collection we came together for this evening. Maison Dior have just added a new fragrance, Spice. Which we were introduced to upon delving deep into the experience of Maison Dior, before settling down for a delicious three-course meal.

Francois Demachy & Maison Dior.

I’m sure many of you are aware of Dior and at least some of their more popular perfumes. Miss Dior, Sauvage & Joy to name a few. They are all created by a man who is often referred to as Dior’s Nose, Mr Francois Demachy. He works closely with Dior to create fragrances to their specifications. For example, he will be given a name and fragrance i.e. Bergamot and from there, Francois will create a perfume which he feels embodies those characteristics.

However, the Maison Dior collection differs greatly. It is Dior Couture in a perfume. These creations are solely from the imagination of Francois and are linked to a memory, or experience. For example, New Look 1947 was developed as a tribute to Christian Dior who, upon returning from the war, was one of the first designers to alter the look of women, cinching in waistlines and enhancing breasts. New Look 1947 pays homage to this pioneering stage in the life of Christian Dior.

Maison Dior Stores.

Masion Dior Fragrances therefore form a private collection. Exclusive to Selfridges and Harrods. There are only two stores, one being in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre, the other being in Helsinki.

Quality and Ingredients.

The stores are created to emulate how Christian Dior enjoyed his house. Fragrant, beautiful and very Parisian.

For such an exclusive collection, it only makes sense that the ingredients used are just as exclusive.

One popular ingredient is that of the rare and beautiful, Longoza Flower. A flower which can only be cultivated in Madagascar as is done so solely for the House of Dior. The flower boasts impressive regenerative qualities which means it doesn’t just delay aging it actually works to correct damage to skin caused by aging. This ingredient is included in in the Amber Nuit Body Crème which is the essence of luxury.

All the ingredients for the perfumes are organic with many flowers grown in house specifically for the purpose of using them in the fragrances. For example, Jasmine Flower is grown in house and used in La Colle Noir. Each of the fragrances are oil based and eu du parfum.


Maison Dior perfumes have been in existence for 15 years, starting with just 6 fragrances. The collection has since grown with the latest addition being Spice.

The inspiration behind Spice is the Virgin Islands, where Francois used to visit as a child. The scent transports him back to his childhood holidays. As mentioned previously, Francois embellishes the belief that perfumes should be linked with a whole experience and be treated as a means of time travel, igniting all of our senses rather than just focusing on one.

Spice is, as you may imagine, a spicy perfume exhibiting the perfect balance of smoked wood and florals. Comprised of Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, pink peppercorn and orange it will be a beautiful accompaniment to autumn -winter fashions. It is also exclusive to the UK.

Bon Apetit.

Learning all about Maison Dior and experiencing their fragrances makes for hungry work.

Masterclass complete we settled for our meal.

Surprisingly, prior to this event, Gino D’Acampo’s pizza and Prossecco bar is not a restaurant I had previously been too. But it is a very stylish restaurant which adorned the essence of both the Mediterranean and Manchester.

I had opted for the Red Pepper Bruschetta for the starter which was delicious. Rigatoni Arrabiatta for my main. No picture of the Rigatono though sorry, mama needed to eat! And for the big finale, a Cherry & Amaretto Tarte with Vanilla Ice Cream. Thank the lord for my maternity jeans, that’s all I’m saying!

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  1. This looks like the best evening 😍

    1. Thanks lovely, it was such a fabulous evening. Very interesting 🙂 x

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