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Lockdown Day 2: I know everything happens for a reason. But WTF!

Yesterday, I shared this quote on my Instagram story. Just to serve as a gentle reminder of how fortunate many of us are..

Gratitude quote.

Today, this sense of gratitude really rang true for me.

A Hospital Trip

Jace seemed to be struggling with his breathing this afternoon. We went straight to the hospital. Thankfully, leaving not too long after. Jace is absolutely fine. The doctors aren’t too sure what is causing his episodes but have given me a list of red flags to look out for and instructions to bring him back if anything at all changes.

Knowing that my boy is okay, I’ve been able to calm down a tad. Since calming down all I can feel is an overwhelming sense of appreciation and gratitude for our NHS and the amazing staff from the receptionists to the doctors.

With the way the world is at the moment, there are SO many new protocols put in place for everyone’s protection. From the second we entered the hospital we could see how these protocols were effecting their daily operations. The atmosphere was tense from the stress of a deadly virus potentially walking through the door. But even with all of this going on, each member of staff we dealt with was so calm and caring towards us.

We were seen within minutes of arriving and reassured that Jace was okay.

A Reality Check

Today has ben a huge reality check for us. In the morning we were stressing about finances. In the afternoon we were stressing about our son’s health and whether there was anything seriously wrong.

It is times like this that certainly make you realise what is important in life.

At present, I know there are so many self-employed people or small businesses in the same position as us; Scared for their future and wondering whether there is even going to be a business to return too when this is all over. But after today, I can tell you that not one tiny bit of that stuff matters.

The reality is that no matter what happens, we will come back stronger than ever. Whatever has been lost we can (and will) rebuild.

Life and health though, entirely different kettle of fish. There’s nothing like seeing your child in hospital to make you re-evaluate what is important in life.

I can appreciate that sometimes we easily get so wrapped up within our stresses that we cannot see how truly blessed we are.

I hope this blog serves as a gentle reminder to you that there is more to life than stress. Lock the doors, come away from social media and just forget the world for a bit. Take some time to just focus on all the good in your life. Watch a film. Get a bath. Take a nap. Whatever helps you relax do that.

and remember, gratitude is the best attitude folks.

What are you feeling grateful for of late? I’d love for you to share in the comments.

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