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Lockdown Day 3: Alexa play Akon, Locked up.

Missy in a black dress.

Day 3 and I am already on to re-orgnaising the house.

I mean, I’m not totally crazy we have just moved in and I have a whole pre-pregnancy wardrobe to sort through.

Crazy is setting in

That’s where the craziness is though. – my wardrobe.

I’m really into my fashion and at the moment. After working so hard building my maternity wardrobe, I think I have really found my style. Unfortunately, going through my wardrobe there is very little in there that fits in with my new found sense of style.

The Purge

I’m more and more repulsed with each item of clothing I take out of storage. It’s probably the worst time to re-do my wardrobe but needs must. Talk about first world problems hey!

With a new house and a new baby, it’s not going to be as simple as just going shopping (on the internet obviously because lockdown). I’m going to really have to think about the pieces I invest in. Which I think is the key point. To invest in key pieces that will stand the test of time, that are versatile and that I am comfortable wearing.

Clothes with tags on, pieces that have been worn once, pieces that shouldn’t have been more than once – these are the kind of garments that came out of storage and straight into the charity bag.

Having rid myself of half my wardrobe, I noticed a few patterns and thus created a set of style guidelines to bear in mind when shopping for new items.

I will call this list..

Missy’s Style Guide

Full of genius titles at the minute aren’t I!

Anyway let’s get to these style guide rules.

1. Don’t buy items just because they are in ‘fashion’ at the time. If they don’t fit my style or I don’t feel confident wearing them in the changing rooms, they will not be coming home with me.

2. At the opposite end of the scale to point number one, stay away from the safety of my comfort zone. I am going for stylish not safe. While style should be comfortable, it can sometimes feel a little alien when you are trying to reinvent yourself. A little discomfort is normal.

3. No impulse buying. Taking the time to plan outfits. Purchasing versatile pieces. Refusing to buy a fifth chunky knit cardi. All moves which will pay off tenfold.

There will be plenty more rules added to this style guide I’m sure. I’ll update as I go. However, for now, these are the main rules I will stick too. Wish me luck!

What are your style guidelines? Do you have any of your own rules that you follow when clothes shopping?

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