5 Luxury Makeup Bag Essentials You Need for 2020

Makeup Bag Essentials change as we do.

Developing a Taste for Luxury Makeup

Whilst I have always had a passion for makeup, my application skills did not remain on par with the rest of the world. During 2019, I set about to change this.

After attending a variety of makeup events hosted by luxury makeup brands such as Charlotte Tilbury My application skills definitely improved. As did my understanding of the need to invest in quality makeup.

I think the majority of us have spent our whole lives trialing and inwardly reviewing different makeup brands. I know I have. From high street brands such as SportFX Cosmetics to high end brands like Dior.

Through my own trials and tribulations, I have come up with a list of 5 Luxury Makeup Bag Essentials that everyone needs in 2020.

It’s time we all leveled up our makeup game.

Dior Backstage Make Up Masterclass Jamie Coombes MUA
A snippet from the event with Dior Backstage

The Makeup Bag Essentials

So, without further ado, I give you your new makeup bag essentials for 2020:

1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance

Makeup bag must have: Laura Mercier Foundation Radiance Primer

Primer. A Product I majorly underrrated. I tried a few high street ones back in the day and can’t say I was overly impressed. This Laura Mercier Foundation Radiance Primer though. Game Changer.

After receiving a sample (which lasted forever by the way), it changed me. I loved it so much I went and bought the full size products. Now I put it on every single time without fail now. Regardless.

This primer gives a gorgeous, gentle glow so it is great even on its own. Complexion is evened out when the primer is applied and it really does help foundation stay put all day long without going ‘cakey’.

2. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Setting Powder

Makeup Bag Must Have: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Setting Powder

Again, setting powder is not a product I ever really paid much attention too. The silky soft finish this powder gives though. Second to none.

I am a particular fan of this setting powder underneath the eyes as it contains brightening properties. Which is very much appreciated in aiding the covering of these massive eye bags I am carrying around with me at the moment! If only they were Chanel!

This powder basically does exactly what it says on the tin. Brightens up the complexion, assists in blurring out any imperfections, all whilst making sure all makeup stays exactly where it is placed.

Another banger from Laura Mercier in my opinion.

3. Dior Backstage Custom Palette

Makeup Bag Must Have: Dior Custom Eye Pallette

Eyeshadow palettes. I can say with confidence that we all have plenty of them. Though despite having so many to choose from, we usually find ourselves reaching for the same one over and over. This Dior Backstage Custom Palette was the one I found myself constantly reaching for.

Containing a mixture of matte & shimmer shades, this neutral palette is perfect for any eye colour. It allows you to contour, shape and will take you from day to night in one fell swoop.

Aside from containing the most stunning shades which blend together with ease; this palette is very small. Small enough to fit in your makeup bag ‘on-the-go’ earning it extra bonus points.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara

Makeup bag must have: Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes volume two

No look is complete without mascara. Particularly if you are not a false lash kind of person. Which I am not. Hunting for the perfect ‘false lash effect’ mascara was a mission I never seemed to be able to complete. Until now anyway.

Apply a little or apply a lot. This mascara works with every look. Meaning you can either create light natural looking lashes or a dramatic false lash effect. No matter how much you apply, the product does not clump meaning no spider leg lashes. Just perfectly defined, fluttery eyes.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat

Make up bag must have: YSL Touche Eclat

Under eye bags are the! Hiding the dark circles, blurring out fine lines and smoothing the finish is a delicate balance. One that many concealers cannot handle. Yet, no makeup bag is complete without a decent concealer.

Enter, Touche Eclat from YSL. A concealer that can do it all. It may be lightweight but it is definitely heavy duty. This product has been a luxury makeup bag essential for many makeup enthusiasts, for many years. Once you use it, you will see how it has managed to stand the test of time.

Makeup Bag Essential Roundup

So, there you have it. The 5 makeup bag essentials that are the core every make up look I create.

How many of these makeup bag essentials are in your makeup bag? Do your makeup bag essentials differ to mine? I am curious to know so do leave me a comment with any you think I should try. I am always eager to try new products.

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