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Whats in My Hospital Birthing Bag

What to pack in my hospital birthing bag is probably the question that has been the most prevalent for me throughout this pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of questions floating about my head. But, how on earth am I supposed to know what to pack in a hospital bag for giving birth?! I’ve never done this before.

Enter internet.

Thankfully, it seems I am not the only pregnant gal facing this conundrum. There are literally hundreds of blogs, vlogs and infographics on the internet covering this very same topic.

However, I feel like I want to put my 2 pence worth in here.

It certainly seems like a lot of people over pack their hospital bags. I mean I have seen people state items like salt lamps, incense and oil diffusers as necessary items? Perhaps, due to the fact that I moved across the world with one suitcase, a dog and boyfriend but they don’t seem like necessities to me and I am definitely more on the light packing side of life.

That being said, I am also going with the notion that the hospital is 20 mins from our home, there are shops around and frankly, what could I have forgotten to pack that could be so important.

Anyway, lets get to it. Without further ado, let me show you whats in my hospital bag…

Bag Checklists

I have broken this down into two main categories: Whats in my hospital bag for me and whats in my hospital bag for baby. There’s also an element that many seem to forget and that is ‘what to pack for baby daddy’.

I’ve done a pretty checklist that you can screenshot and use for your own hospital bag packing should you wish to do so but I have also expanded on the items below so do have a read on.

Hospital Birthing Bag Checklist

Whats in My Hospital Bag for Baby Boy

It’s all quite basic I think, the biggest decision to make on this element of the hospital bag was which outfits to put in and what to bring him home in. Also, despite what I said above about packing light, I think I have over packed slightly for baby boy. But here’s what he has:

  • Kit & Kin Earth Friendly Nappies – First size. These do up to a baby weight of 13lbs and I highly doubt that I will birth a baby that big (bloody hope not anyway!). I have just put the full pack in the bag as it they are so dinky and don’t take up much space.
  • Cheeky Panda Sensitive Biodegradable Bamboo Baby Wipes – these are made of 99% purified water and fragrance free so will be the most gentle on baby’s brand new skin.
  • Long sleeved vests in sizes tiny baby, new born, and first size. This is where the over packing comes in. I just don’t know how big he is going to be and what size to bring.
  • Cellular blanket – the very same one his dad was brought home from hospital in actually – love a bit of sentiment!
  • Outfits x2 (just incase)
  • Scratch mitts, hats and socks x 2 of each
  • Leaving the Hospital outfit – This one you will have to wait and see but its super cute.
  • Birth announcement accessories – again, wait for the insta pic. It’s going to be adorable! Well, in my head it is anyway!
snap shot of items in hospital birthing bag for baby boy

Whats in My Hospital Bag for Me

This is where I struggled the most actually. I had to leave this bit until the nearer our due date as the hospital weren’t sure whether I was going to need a c-section or not and in my head, this meant I needed to pack different things. Anyway, as it happens the hospital are fine for me to move forward with a natural birth as it stands. So, that being the case, here is what I have packed:

  • Pjs & Nighty – options for comfort
  • Dressing gown and slippers
  • Wash bag containing the usual items – face wash, hair brush, toothbrush etc.
  • Massive granny panties to accommodate those massive maternity pads that I’m told I’m going to need
  • Leaving the hospital outfit – currently I’ve opted for leggings, hoodie and trainers but I am a bit worried about having to fight to get the leggings on so I might switch these out for joggers.
  • Breast pads because apparently my boobs will likely leak.
  • Towel – according to my Midwife friend, this is among the top items people forget to pack but it makes sense that you shower after giving birth right?
  • Phone Charger – I was slightly hesitant about this one. You know new baby etc will I want to be on my phone but I know I will want to call my mum and sisters etc as soon as he is here so taking a phone charger just in case it is needed.
  • SNACKS – this was probably the most important thing on my list. Hospital food sucks. Labour can be long. gotta get those calories in and make sure my energy levels stay as up as possible.
snap shot of some of the items in hospital birthing bag for mum to be

Here’s something you might not have thought of though…

What’s in the Baby Daddy’s Hospital Bag

Yes, you read that correctly. This is often an area that I feel gets overlooked but the reality is, baby daddy is going to be with you every step of the way (I assume). Mine certainly is anyway. Labour can be long, it can take many twists and turns so its best to be prepared.

In my Baby Daddy’s Hospital Bag we have packed the following:

  • Pillow – If labour progresses very slowly or we are in for a long time, its very likely that he will be able to get some sleep and I fully support this. Resting while you can is important. Plus a well rested person equals better support when it gets tough.
  • Change of clothing/underwear – self explanatory really.
  • Wash bag.
  • but most importantly, HIS OWN SNACKS. Hands off mine.

So, there we have it. All the items I have packed to come to hospital with us when its time to bring our baby boy earth side.

And if all else fails..

Have someone do it for you.

Screenshot of the Birth Bag Instagram page

If all of this is seeming like a bit of a stress or you just cant be bothered packing your own (trust me I relate to that one), I did stumble across a fabulous Instagram account which might be worth you checking out. They are called ‘birth bag‘. They sell prepacked hospital birthing bags. You can literally just order off Amazon and hey presto you’re ready. Their instagram account is also really useful as they post links to other pregnancy healthcare professionals such as midwives who offer lots of advice and knowledge.

Quick Disclaimer for your information; I am not in any way affiliated with Birth Bag, I will earn no commission should you choose to shop with them. I just stumbled across the account and genuinely thought it was genius and will help a lot of mama’s to be.

(2) Comments

  1. Rachel Calter says:

    This is going to sound really vain but I packed a bit of make up! Just some blush, mascara and a lip balm. My lips got really dry and I was so thankful for the make up to make me feel a bit more normal. It’s not essential but it was definitely a nice to have xx Oh and I’d swap the leggings for joggers xx

    1. MissyT says:

      Not vain at all, I actually added in some tinted moisturiser and lip balm (was VERY thankful for the lip balm but didn’t end up using the tinted moisturiser in the end). Also, swapped out the leggings for joggers. They were much comfier! Great idea lovely xxx

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